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Can Your Tractor Ever Really Have Enough Power?

Posted by Paul Wilson on May 20, 2016 12:50:01 PM

Custom Tuning for Tractors!

Custom tuning is now available for tractors, combines and other agricultural equipment. For years, people have added electronic modules, chips, and programmers to diesel pickups in an effort to gain fuel mileage and increase horsepower. In the old days, resistors on inline modules were installed to interput the signal from the ECU to the control components, like the fuel pump and timing control. While this method does add power, there are some concerns. One of which is that when you fool the computer in a tractor you loose the ability to accurately measure how much fuel you are using, how much heat you are creating, and this method does not offer the ability to raise your speed limiter. 

With today's high tech, computer controlled, agricultural equipment there are better options. Tuning or re-Programming the ECM (Engine Control Module) is the safest way to add power and effiency to your equipment. Manufacturers use the same engine and transmission and drive line components in several models. The only difference between them being the computer programming which controls the power output and the initial cost of the tractor.

This allows for the potential of significant gains in power and efficiency through the proper tuning.Calibrated Power Solutions offers the Power Manager, Power Managerwhich is a remote hand held tuner with custom tuning capability. You are able to get the most out of your equipment in the safest way possible. The programmer works in conjunction with the factory programming to Up-Rate your equipment in a safe and effective manner. Check out this video which explains more about it: Tractor Up-Rate.

Does Custom Tuning really work?




 As you can see in the video, Custom Tractor Tuning with the Power Manager makes a real impact. And although that may be the slowest "drag race" you ever see, the point is very clear; the Power Manager Really Works!

If you are interested in learning more about Tractor Tuning you can contact Calibrated Power Solutions, Inc. 815-568-7920. Or click the link below:

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