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Which tractors are the best to tune?

Posted by Paul Wilson on Feb 23, 2017 5:00:00 PM



On many of our published articles and social media post you will find people asking us this question.  We have written responses many times before about which tractors see the biggest gains in horse power from tuning.  

This question motivated us to measure horse power per dollar.  This is something easy to understand and makes a clear point about the cost of horse power, regardless of how it is advertised.  Making it easier for you to compare the cost of tuning with the cost of going to the dealership and buying a more powerful tractor.  It's crazy when you consider many manufacturers charge $600 - $1,000 per horse power. 


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#1 Any tractor at the bottom of a series.

Look at a series of tractors that have the same driveline.  Like the 8R series from John Deere with Tier 3 Emissions.  They came in units that are rated at 275 HP and at 345 HP yet all are equipped with the same 9.0L engine.  That is a 70 HP spread between them.  This same concept can be applied to most tractor series.  

Larger tractors will see the highest horse power gains.  Like the Stieger 400 with a 12.9L Iveco motor.  That same Iveco motor runs in their 500 HP models as well.  So a solid 100 HP is possible, although not always required.  

How Much HP Can Custom Tuning Add To My Tractor?

#2 Tractors that are bogged down in the feild.

If you have ever been running in the feild and the terrain is slowing down your operation, it is time to look at tuning.  Even if you are not able to safely add 100 HP to your tractor.  A smaller, more moderate bump in power may be all you need.

If 30 HP is going to be enough to help you hold a gear or maintain your target ground speed, then it does not matter where your model is in the series.  If you need the power, you need the power.  No need to make it more complicated then that. 


#3 Tractors doing heavy work.

If you participate in deep ripping or other laborsome work with your tractor, consider tuning.  Heavy work like tillage is hard on your tractor.  Think about the sustained exhaust gas temperatures during this work.  Or the fuel spent on it.  

Surely if you had a way to shift up and throttle back you would.  But this heavy work generally requires everything your tractor has in it just to keep up.  Tractor tuning can give it that little extra so you can reduce the overall strain on your equipment.

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So how much horse power can you pick up?


We would be happy to answer this question for you.  Fill out the form after clicking the button below.  One of our knowledgeale staff members will contact you within 1 business day to give you a quote for how many ponies we can add to your tractor. 

How Much HP Can Custom Tuning Add To My Tractor?


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