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Top 3 Reasons MM3 is the best tuner for 03-05 Cummins

Posted by Paul Wilson on Aug 15, 2017 8:38:00 AM

03-05 Cummins Custom Tuning is Finally HERE!

For over a decade the diesel performance industry has been waiting for REAL custom tuning for their 2003 - 2005 Cummins.  These early common rail engines have dealt with box programmers and pressure boxes for long enough, finally there is a solution.


MM3 Tuning has been out for less than a year and has already made a big splash in the highly modified Cummins world.  With the capability to tune 1998.5 to 2017 Cummins this tuner has a wide range of support.  

However many different reasons there are for the success of this new Smarty based custom tuning platform I dont know, but the 3 reasons below are certainly the most common ones we here at Calibrated Power. 


Why go with MM3 Tuning on your 2003 - 2005 Cummins?

First of all, there are not really a lot of options when it comes custom tuning for these trucks.  The attempt at custom options are generally limited to adjusting your own tire size (Yes, MM3 tuning allows you to do that as well).  These 3 reasons are the most common ones we here at Calibrated Power. 


1. ECM Control

Custom ECM Tuning for your 2003 - 2005 Cummins includes more than just adding timing and throwing more fuel at the truck.  Custom ECM Tuning means re-writing the programming in the ECM in regards to how the entire engine system runs.  Fuel delivery with a high pressure common rail diesel includes a complex network of electronically controlled components.  The same goes for the rest of the engine.   

With the power advantages of the common rail setup it is easy to see why the industry has gone to this fuel delivery method.  Couple that power potential with the capability to custom tune how it runs and you end up with excellent results.  MM3 Tuning from Calibrated Power gives you the ability to take even a highly modified truck and tune it to dramatically reduce the smoke output, increase horsepower, and have a smooth running daily driver.  


2. Gauges 

You spend a lot of money on your truck and all of the upgrades.  For most of us, a diesel truck is the 2nd largest single purchase we may ever make.  Gauges give you the ability to monitor the truck and not only make sure everything is running at peak performance, but also help you diagnose any potential problems.  

A common problem with analog gauges are longevity, or lack there of.  Also most of these gauges require a lengthy install process.  With today's technology what it is, a digital gauge screen is fairly obvious.  The MM3 offers a nice spread of PIDs to choose from.  Giving you the ability to customize what parameters you prefer to watch.   4 separate layout options gives you the choice in how you would like your gauges displayed.  

MM3 Hardware.png

The true genius in this feature is in the user interface.  It is incredibly simple and easy to use.  Just tough the screen on the PID you want to change and category options will appear.  From there you can dive into all the possible selections.  

3. Data Logging

With highly customized trucks there is always the possibility something will break or just plain go wrong.  When working at home in your garage on the weekends it can be frustrating trying to get the help you need to diagnose the issue.  Data logging is the function of recording PIDs while the truck is running.  IMG_8540.png
Once you record the issue with the truck customers of Calibrated Power can send their datalogs in for review.  This has proven to be a life saver for those that compete with their trucks.  Data Logging a sled pull or drag race while the truck is performing at it's peak is one of the habits we see time and again from the best in the industry.  

  • Custom ECM Tuning means re-writing the programming in the ECM in regards to how the entire engine system runs. 
  • Gauges give you the ability to monitor your truck and make sure everything is running at peak performance.
  • Data logging is the function of recording PIDs while the truck is running. 

If you have a 2003 - 2005 Cummins with a long list of modifications or a long wishlist of future mods, request more information about the Custom MM3 Tuning for your truck.

Click HERE for CUSTOM MM3 TUNING (03-05)


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