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How to run a larger implement on your tractor that is under-powered.

Posted by Paul Wilson on Apr 26, 2016 10:00:00 AM
  • Have you considered a Bigger planter or tillage tool on your Farm. Are you worried if your tractor will have enough horsepower to get the job done?




If your existing machine has enough tire, but bogs under heavy load- consider tuning your tractor. You can use factory style calibration software to safely up-rate machines lower in their series to power levels of those tractors higher in the series. This means that if our brand has a similar size machine with more power than yours, you can get you the power difference.

Up-rate a 6105R to a 6130R

Up-rate a 9410R to a 9510R

Up-rate a Steiger 540 to a Steiger 620

Up-rate a 8245R to an 8295R etc.


Before you buy a new tractor to accommodate the power demands of a new plow, planter, or other implement, consider saving money by uprating your current equipment. Up-rating not only adds value and capability to your current tractor, but has a minimal impact to the equipment’s reliability.Calibrated Power Solutions now offers engine up-rates that achieve new power levels without replacing your current tractor, saving you the need to buy a higher powered model.

The up-rates increase power and torque over the entire operating range of the engine. Typically this allows the use of a higher gear (or 2+) and 2-300 less RPM.  Running less RPM at the same ground speed saves fuel.Furthermore, the extra power allows for higher ground speed where applicable - allowing you to cover more acres per hour - saving you time.

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Reliability is a major concern for farmers. We want to know all of the engine calibration analysis, on all of the models has been completed. We want to know the machine that keeps our farm alive is going to keep running the way it should. This is why "power chips" and "canned/box tuners" have always been shunned in the agricultural community. Systems that wire into control harnesses can be dangerous as they do not address creating power the same way the factory does. They also do not build off of the factory parameters and testing for the equipment on board. With a full flash program like the Power Manager by Calibrated Power Solutions, any farmer can still rely on reliablity testing that John Deere, Case, New Holland, Cummins and other OEM's have already completed.  Manufacturers use the same engine and transmission and drive line components in several models. The only difference between them being the computer programming which controls the power output and the initial cost of the tractor. This allows for the potential of significant gains in power and efficiency through the proper tuning.

Calibrated Power Solutions offers the Power Manager, which is a remote hand held tractor tuner with custom tuning capability. You are able to get the most out of your equipment in the safest way possible. The programmer works in conjunction with the factory programming to Up-Rate your equipment in a safe and effective manner. Check out this video which explains more about it: Tractor Up-Rate.  Furthermore, this product has no wires or connectors that will corrode over time.  It adds no additional working parts or modules to the tractor.  It keeps your tractor looking completely factory stock.


To up-rate your tractor, simply contact me; Paul Wilson 815-568-7920 ext 2122.  I will want to know what model you're running, how well it tolerates the current work, and how much more you think you need out of it.  It's important to me to understand your expectations from the outset because I don't take a job unless I feel we can get the results you're looking for. For a complete list of what we can tune, and how far we can up-rate your tractor, please email me at paul@calibratedpower.com  

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