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Stealth 67G2 LB7: The Ultimate 800 HP Duramax Turbo! 

Posted by Justin Tyson on Mar 26, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Single, Drop-In, 800 HP, LB7 Turbo:

When you're looking for the ultimate Duramax turbo, everything really depends on what caters to your wants and needs for your truck.  This turbo was created with diesel enthusiasts such as ourselves in mind. We asked what everyone wanted in a larger turbo and the Stealth 67 G2 is what we came back with. This new addition to the Stealth line is superb and fits in the family of our in-house designed, industry leading turbos. Let's delve into what this beast can accomplish. 


 67G2 lb7 front.jpg

The Stealth 67G2:

  • Quick spool up
  • Big power
  • Great daily driver
  • Models available for 2001-2016 Duramax (LB7, VVT, LML)

Stealth 67G2:


Our test truck, the well known Apachemax, is a 1958 Chevrolet Apache modified onto a  2003 Silverado 2500HD frame.  We dropped a built LB7 engine with 100% Exergy Injectors, 12mm Exergy Cp3, and all the supporting mods to go with it.  Below you can see the peak power test we ran on our in-house dyno, truly showing the numbers and power the Stealth 67 can put up. 



This turbo is a product of 5 years of Duramax turbo R&D, trial and error, and a serious passion for diesel performance.  All done in house, from the R&D to the CNC machining of the turbo. The Stealth 67G2 comes in three models:
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Stealth 67G2 LB7

  • Fits 2001-2004 Duramax
  • True IHI Casting
  • 750 HP+ potential(with supported mods)
  • Dyno proven
  • Engineered Anti-Surge compressor cover
  • Stock appearing (with intake horn installed)
  • Quick spool-up
  • Wide torque curve
  • Useable horsepower

Stealth 67G2 VVT

  • Fits 2004.5-2010 Duramax
  • True Garret Casting
  • 750 HP potential
  • Stock appearing 
  • Quick spool-up
  • Low EGTs
  • Useable horsepower

Stealth 67G2 LML

  • Fits 2011-2016 Duramax
  • True Garret Casting
  • 750 HP potential
  • Stock appearing 
  • Quick spool-up
  • Wide torque curve
  • Great EGT Control
  • Useable horsepower

Building this line of Stealth turbos meant designing a product that would keep your engine safe by lowering EGTs, fun to drive every day, and still perform optimally at the track.  If you think clean, stock-appearing power is what you need, then you're going to want to make sure you request more information below. Once you do, one of our diesel performance experts will help you with any more questions that you may have. 

360 thrust bearing.png

We left no stone unturned when engineering the Stealth 67G2.  Our custom built 67.7 compressor wheel is specifically designed to maximize peak power.  To fit that wheel we developed a unique, OEM appearing, anti-surge ring that fits into the one-of-a-kind compressor cover.  This compressor assembly meant diving into the details of every single part that goes in the turbo.

The backing plate had to be specifically designed to work with our wheel and cover.  The new center section is fitted with a 360 degree thrust bearing  increasing reliability and help prevent walk.  Even a newly designed waste gate solution is incorporated to make sure you have the most amount of power possible while maintaining reliability.  


It goes without saying that due to the all new compressor side and center section, turbine wheel and exhaust housing upgrades had to be made. The Stealth 67G2 features the largest turbine available in an IHI (stock LB7 turbo) frame. This drastically reduces drive pressure, helping you achieve as close to a 1:1 ratio between drive and boost pressure.  This not only helps make more power but also manages EGT's.  


Our Stealth line is paramount and we keep pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with the aftermarket turbo. Now it's your turn to experience power, drive-ability, and better engine reliability. Give us a a call so we can answer any questions you may have and get the industry leading Stealth under the hood of your truck. 


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