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Posted by Danny Voss on Sep 8, 2016 11:34:36 AM


 Posted by Danny Voss of Calibrated Power Solutions home of Duramax Tuner


Stock Diesel 8,000lbs Class from 6/22/2016-9/5/2016

Most customers that know what we do here at Calibrated Power home of Duramaxtuner, know we have a true passion for diesel performance.  We are always on the cutting edge of what is the latest and greatest for the diesel market when it comes to everyday driving, towing, drag racing, truck pulling and any competitive scenarios.  Calibrated Power Solutions currently offers EMISSION COMPLIANT tuning for Duramax, Cummins, 2.8L Duramax, agriculture equipment (John Deere, Case IH and New Holland).

Project #DTCLEANSWEEP was sparked by our passion to pursue emission intact tuning driving innovation backed by science to drive the sport of sled pulling forward. Diesel performance shops and other companies have adapted to the change in the industry quite well. In January 2016, when Nick Priegnitz (the founder of Duramaxtuner) first asked me to help spearhead #DTCleanSweep, I had my personal doubts about the goal at hand. I knew I had a new personal challenge in life and new responsibilities ahead. The project was going to test the ability of our company to show the sport and industry our true colors as Calibrated Power Solutions home of Duramaxtuner. I knew if I didn't do well in the different events, the result could be people falling back to their initial feelings about emissions equip trucks. It's a great thing that we succeeded and placed in the top half of the pack ALL SUMMER! The Clean Sweep impressed the competition and the crowds more and more at each event we attended. As time goes on, the "Clean Sweep" has become more of a household name. We have had different magazines including a article in the NY TIMES, (SEE THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BLOG) along with diesel shops in other countries. We are proud that other companies that specialize in tuning recognize what we have done in the industry.


The stock 8,000lbs diesel truck class is designed for truck pullers to be at this weight or less to be entered into the class. Depending on where you live, these rules will vary from being STOCK off the showroom floor, all the way to sometimes 1100 rwhp trucks in the class. Most guys that enter the class will push the rules to the limit. The goal is to stay off the radar without bending the rules, but yet stay at the top of the pack. There is a fine line between keeping the other pullers in the class happy and the tech crew happy with how your truck is setup for the class you enter. The old saying with competition is, "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't eatin.' The last thing you want to be known as is a cheater in this "sport." "If caught bending the rules too much, you could get disqualified and never be allowed to pull with some organizations again. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case this year and they let every truck go un-teched and un-weighed. The rules seem to apply to classes with points and the stock class turns into a run what you brung pull. We are very competitive with trucks that are wildly built and modified. There are still guidelines that Duramax Tuner met with the truck in the event of having a tech approach us and ask questions. Here is a complete rule list of the class.

Most normal people's first reactions are:

  • "There is no point of leaving the emissions equipment intact"
  • "The emissions equipment GUMS up my motor."
  • "It is just easier to DELETE."
  • "DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) cost too much and is corrosive."
  • "Emissions equipment is designed to fail, why would I daily drive with it and now compete with it?"
  • "I tow for a living, I rely on the truck to make my mortgage payment, I already removed the exhaust."
  • "I like my loud exhaust and smoke."
  • "The truck needs to breathe better, so I removed the equipment."
  • "I need to get better fuel mileage, so I want to delete the truck."
  • "I heard my friend had problems with sensors and I don't want to be in the same situation as him."
  • "I don't want to deal with the emissions equipment, you can't make power with it on."


These are the most common misconceptions that people have about the equipment. I am here to answer these questions accordingly.  If you have similar questions and would like to talk to me direct, my number is (815)568-7920 x 2124 from 9-5 central time Monday-Friday.  Please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I free up or you can simply email me at danny@duramaxtuner.com

 Request More Info About #DTCleanSweep


Pulling with the ISP (Illini State Pullers) and MWTTPA we traveled from 20 mins to 3 hours to pull with these organizations.  Duramaxtuner is based out of Marengo, IL.  


June 4th, 2016  This year we started in Leaf River, IL.  This was a Badger State pull.  There were 23 trucks in the class and we placed 4th place.  We broke a high pressure fuel line and ended up at the 285 foot mark.  Luckily, nothing else was damaged at this pull.  Here is a great YouTube video of the Clean Sweep we put together after the event.  


July 3rd, 2016 We took the show on the road to East Troy, Wisconsin.  We put 9 feet on the competition and took 1st place!  There were 23 trucks in the class and we fought a tough and bumpy track.




July 4th, 2016 Brought us to Lone Rock, Wisconsin located West of Madison about 30 mins.  There were only 6 pullers in class due to the holiday I imagine.  We put 29 feet on the competition, winning another 1st place finish to add to the great weekend.  The only loss about the day, was I couldn't watch the fireworks with my wife.  Here is a great video of this weekend of winning.



August 4th, 2016 was a daytime hook with 15 trucks in class.  We went to my hometown track in Ogle County, Illinois.  This event draws great crowds, even in the daytime.  People, including myself take the day off for this event.  We finished 1st place again!!



August 5th, 2016 The next hook was held in Yorkville, IL.  I personally had a rough night with my LBZ 06 Duramax while pulling the Clean Sweep to the track.  I always keep great care of my personal truck, but it is a great reminder to keep perfect maintenance and make sure your tow vehicle is in top shape.  You can call me direct for any general and high performance needs (815)568-7920 x 2124.  

The Clean Sweep had the lead out of 23 trucks in the field.  The last 3 pullers that were up, I knew they had 750 rwhp and plenty of add-on modifications that were going to make it a close night.  The announcer kept saying, "Danny Voss is in the lead and who is going to take his money?"  The last 3 pullers bumped me out and "took my money" but the victory of the night was 2/3 of the pullers that took me out, were tuned by Duramaxtuner.  These events are great ways to have fun and compete with customers and other pullers to get your name out.  It was a great night and inspired me to figure out what I can do better.  The Clean Sweep log files were then passed on to Nick and Bob back at the shop to get reviewed to head into the next event which was the Diesel Shootout.


August 6th, 2016 was the Diesel Shootout in Woodstock, IL with the ISP crew again.  The Diesel Shootout was sponsored by Calibrated Power Solutions home of Duramaxtuner .  The Shootout consisted of 3 hooks and the winner that gets the most feet out of the 3 combined wins $500!  The track is only 15 mins away from the home base of Duramaxtuner.  We brought the Apache Max out and had plenty of people attending.  The 1st pull was a 1st place finish of 322 feet.  The 2nd pull was later in the day and we pulled 354feet! The Clean Sweep finished 2nd place just half a foot away from the win by a 800 rwhp 08 Cummins. 






August 9th, 2016 The pulls continue on to Milledgeville, IL which is one of my favorite tracks with 20 plus trucks in the class.  We had a great launch and pulled 3rd place, again.  We have been losing to the same two heavily modified trucks since Leaf River.  We did place above 17 of the HOTTEST trucks in the area.  Before the event, all I could think about was how I can't break anything tonight due to the fact I had the shootout the next night.  The winning trucks are great running vehicles and I am glad to pull against them to gauge where our 620 rwhp lands us in the field vs wildly modified trucks.  These pullers know they probably shouldn't be in the class, but I have to admit, where else can they pull?  There is a growing pain the sport and new classes are forming every year to keep the competition close and to further the diesel industry.  The more classes there are, the more the crowd gets involved and keeps trucks where they belong.  The best part of the night was we pleased the crowd with ZERO black smoke, took 3rd place and DIDN'T BREAK!  


August 10th, 2016 brought us into the 3rd round of the Diesel Shoot Out.  We had the lead going into the night.  The Clean Sweep took 1st place on a field of 20 plus trucks and won the $500 bucks for the Diesel Shootout Sponsored by Calibrated Power Solutions.  The Diesel Shoot-out was unique because the class was tech'd by Calibrated Power Solutions and still somehow a few high horsepower diesels managed to slip through the cracks and pull in the class.  The class was deigned to keep the highly modified diesels in an Open Class where they rightfully belong.  I was pleased with the results of our truck thus far.


August 11th, 2016  We were back at it the next day again in Belvidere, IL.  There were 22 trucks in the class.  For some reason, ISP rules on this event only did not allow pullers to run suspension stops.  The point of suspension stops is to keep a level ride height down the track.  As you can notice, the tail of the truck appears lower due to this rule.  The track was real bumpy out of the hole, so we eased out, rolled into the throttle and placed 1st place with 333 .54 feet!  The Clean Sweep has proven to be a contender in most classes we enter.  It has been a solid week of work and truck pulling.  We have collected over $1200 in payout money this week living up to the name "The Clean Sweep."  We even won a wall hanger, a ribbon and of course, the title of Shoot-Out Champion. A Special thanks to Jacob Booker Photography for these great action shots!




August 18, 2016  - We were in Pecatonica, IL at the Winnebago County Fair.  There was 23 diesel trucks in this class and we placed 2nd behind a very high horsepower LBZ 2006 Duramax.  The track was real tough and bumpy.  Most pullers had a hard time getting past the 250 ft. mark and we were able to punch out 305 feet!  This event was a huge win for Duramaxtuner and #DTCLEANSWEEP due to the fact that we had a lot of media hype and excitement leading up to this night.  Here is a great video we were able to put together and was able to broadcast to the industry about our Emissions Compliant tuning.  

Click here to see this video that has already passed 100,000 views in the 1st week of being on the internet.   <---This link is the reason for the CHANGE in diesel performance.  


August 19, 2016 - The Clean Sweep made a showing in Morrision, IL.  There were 13 trucks in the class.  I personally felt I had my best launch out of the hole this year.   We finished 3rd place losing to the fully built LB7 and the 750rwhp + LBZ.  The Clean Sweep has stayed top 3 almost every night since we started.  It was 79 degrees and the rain was a threat for the event.  The moisture in the track kept surfacing through to the top of the dirt as the night progressed.  Track conditions were changing with every puller and made it for a very competitive night.  It is nights like this that keep pullers in the class wanting to come back for more.  We pulled 295 feet which put us way of head of the group.


August 20, 2016-  Elburn, IL.  The rain was still affecting this general area. We were able to hook early in the day before the rain canceled the rest of the show.  We were mixed in with an 8,000 lbs. stock Gas class.  We were okay with this because all we wanted to do was to get our hook in and get home before the rain came. We pulled 312 feet which was good enough for 3rd place.  We were just behind the fully built LB7 again.  We have been running with these trucks all Summer.  Every pull, we get closer and closer to beating the juggernauts of our class.  


elburn.png Elburns dark chocolate like dirt.  



August 26, 2016 - Princeton, IL.  I left work a few hours early to be at this event.  I got to meet some great fans of Clean Sweep and talk to a lot of other shops in the area as well as pullers and their families.  We placed 2nd in this group of diesels coming to a stop at 312 feet.  We were only 3 feet behind the fully built 2001 LB7 Duramax that finished 315 feet that we've have been chasing all Summer long.   The cool part of this post is we drove this truck to the event and drove home!

 cleansweep1princeton.jpg          cleansweep2princeton-1.jpg


September 3rd, 2016 - Mendota, IL.  We got to the pull at 10:30 on Saturday morning.  We waited all day to compete againest some more 700 rwhp trucks.  Our launch was great, the pull was great, we pulled 316 feet!  The crazy part is with such a great hook, it was only good enough for 6th place.  I didn't go home disappointed because we didn't break anything and we had more than a full pull.  (300 or more feet)  This truck impresses the competition and always is a crowd pleaser.  


September 4th, 2016- Paw Paw, IL.  This is the last hook of the year for us with ISP, and it was a great turnout.  We pulled with 20 trucks in the class.  There was some "heavy hitters" at the pull, including a fully built twin turbo WCFAB truck, a fully built LB7 with a single charger, and other FULLY BUILT Dodge and GM trucks.  There was even a red 6.0 Powerstroke that was decided to spray nitrous.  I knew before the pull, this was going to be a tough to win, I launched in 2nd gear this time to try and take some advantage of track conditions, but took 5th place at 269 feet.  The track was rough and bumpy.  The combo of the track and launching in 2nd gear put us in the top half of the class, but out of the money.  

The best results of pulling this year with the Clean Sweep was running 4x4 LOW, 3rd gear, Tow Mode ON, Stabiltrac and Traction control OFF.  We had a great season and proved to the industry that emission compliant trucks can compete with other trucks on the weekend and be reliable to get you to work on Monday.  Thank you for following the Diesel Tuner's Blog owned by Duramax Tuner.  If you would like your truck to run just as well, give us a call! (815)568-7920





 Emissions help videos by NickPriegnitz 

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I want to give a personal thank you to Nick Priegnitz for giving me the opportunity to pull the CLEAN SWEEP all Summer long.  It has been a great experience and I hope that our customers will read this BLOG and contact us at CPS if they have any questions about EMISSIONS ON tuning.  Thanks for following!


                                                 Clean Sweep Fun Facts:                            

  • *#DTCleanSweep holds the title as Diesel Shoot Out Champion.
  • *DTCleanSweep still has 2 scheduled pulls this year and one dirt drag to attend this year.
  • *The Clean Sweep has pulled competition sleds 4,435.91 feet this year thus far.  (1,478.636667 yards!) 
  •  *The truck has kept the same emissions equipment all year without having to replace any parts.
  • *On the street, this truck is the best "sleeper" I have ever driven.   
  • *We have 6 first place finishes this year and the rest in the top half of the class.     
  •  *The Clean Sweep has earned over $2,000 in winnings this Summer!  If you want your truck to                                                                                                                                          perform like the Clean Sweep, you can request more info on how you can set your truck set up the same way.  

 Request More Info About #DTCleanSweep


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