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Do Your LML Tunes Protect You From High EGTs?

Posted by Paul Wilson on Feb 21, 2018 1:00:00 PM

LML SPADE & Smart EGT Control:

Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs) give you an insight as to how much stress you are putting your engine under.  It is the most accurate way to monitor if your current activity is safe for the engine. 

In a factory tuned truck high EGTs would most commonly be a sign of a physical problem like a boost leak.  However, a tuner added to an aggressive driver could result in EGTs beyond the desired limit.  

Most examples of this also include a mismatch of your tune level and truck operation.  Such as the guy towing in his race tune.  


The LML SPADE by DuramaxTuner.com now includes a Smart EGT Control feature.

  • Let your tunes manage the EGTs so you can keep your eyes on the road
  • Have peace of mind that your truck is safe
  • Get the power you need from your truck without sacrificing reliability

Have you ever been worried about EGTs?

Lets say you are towing a horse trailer up a hill.  A big hill for a long time.  You watch your Edge Insight CTS2 display like a hawk.  Constantly monitoring your EGTs.  The A/C is cranked but you feel sweat on your brow and your hands are getting clammy.  

"Is this going to kill my truck?"  You think to yourself. 

"What are safe EGTs to maintain and how long can I maintain them?" Goes through your head over and over, louder and louder. 


 To say this situation is stressful might be the understatement of the year! Your truck is something you rely on.  So when it comes to tuning your truck you need something that is going to keep you safe and maintain if not improve your reliablity.  


The SPADE series (Standalone Programming And Diagnostic Equipment) makes the highest quality EFILive tunes on the market available in a simple to use OBD style flash tool.  The tunes represent the best in drive-ability, reliability, and power.  


Leading the Way in Performance Tuning for DPF equipped Duramax Trucks! 

Your LML SPADE can include:

  • LSP (Switch-on-the-fly) Tuning
  • LSP Switch
  • DeFuel ON & DeFuel OFF Tunes
  • Custom TCM Tuning
  • AutoCal / SPADE hardware

1. Optimized Stock -Power delivery smoother than stock with near stock output -Refined timing tables for lower EGTs and higher efficiency 

2. Heavy Tow Tune (+40)-Built for towing loads from 8000lbs to gross vehicle weight 
3. Light Tow Tune (+55HP)- Built for towing loads under 8000lbs 
4. Sport Econ (+110)-High performance street tune designed to balance performance and reliability-Throttle sensitivity increased for less throttle input, quicker shifting and less average RPM in daily driving situations 
5. Race Tune (+135)- This tune represents the maximum effort a Duramax engine equipped with a stock turbo and stock injectors.  A FASS 150 lift pump and gauges are highly recommended  

  • Smart EGT Control

Smart EGT Control is a feature in the DeFuel ON tunes that monitors your factory EGT probe and keeps you operating in a safe range.  This means if you push the truck into an un-safe temperature range the truck will automatically respond by correcting the horsepower output manage your EGTs.  

This doesn't mean you will fall flat on your face and not be able to make it up the hill.  We seamlessly taper the necessary parameters to keep you going up the hill without over-working your truck. 



What to do next:

There are 2 options for you to consider if you want your LML to have the Smart EGT Control feature.  

1) You have a SPADE or DuramaxTuner.com's LML tuning already and you just need an upgrade.  The upgrade can be emailed to you or the shop that installed the tunes previously.  You will not need a new license or any other additional items for this.  

I have a SPADE and want the Smart EGT Control Upgrade


2) Get in contact with an expert from DuramaxTuner.com.  If you have a 2011-2016 LML Duramax with stock exhaust this going to be your best option.  Most guys are going to have a lot of questions and talking with someone who can answer everything in one phone call just makes sense.  

 Talk with an LML SPADE & Smart EGT Control Expert



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