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Pre-Tuned DSP5 ECM

Posted by Paul Wilson on Nov 23, 2016 5:00:00 AM

What happened to Pre-Tuned ECMs?

When EFILive first came out there was no AutoCal.  Flashing had to be done in person with a V2 or in the very early years a V1 cable.  This left remote tuners a set of challenges.  How do you provide custom tuning remotely?  Of course, the answer was Pre-Tuned DSP5 ECMs.  The lynch pin of making the Pre-Tuned ECM program work was a steady supply of good core ECMs.  This meant the only downtime truck owners had was the time it takes to swap ECMs.  

There are a few critical downsides to Pre-Tuned ECMs though.  The first being a long term availability for good cores.  As years pass and more trucks are tuned and older ECMs are crashed and lost, cores disappear.  The OEM's do not provide an affordable replacement option and after a while, the cost of cores out weigh the benefits of Pre-Tuned DSP5 ECMs.  Another drawback is the ability, or lack there of, to verify the quality of each core module.  Many will take a flash with the bench harness and still show problems when installed.  

dsp5 ecm.jpg

  • Easy to install
  • Minimal downtime
  • Relies on Core ECM program
  • Unable to test reliability of Cores

SPADE stands for Standalone Programming And Diagnostic Equipment.  It is also known as an AutoCal.  The hardware is manufactured and provided by EFILive and custom DuramaxTuner.com or Calibrated Power tunes are loaded onto them.  The SPADE is a very easy to use hand held tool that allows you to flash custom built EFILive tunes and data log, and read/clear most codes.  

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With the SPADE there are a few operational benefits.  If a tune needs any adjustment, tire size, new injectors, tweaking of any kind, a new tune can be simply emailed and loaded onto the SPADE.  This dramatically cuts down the turnaround time for updates.  Also, data logging is capable, giving remote tuners the chance to see what exactly the truck PIDs are reporting.  This includes crucial details about fuel pressure, Mass Air Flow reading, Engine Coolant Temp, and so much more.  Also, because SPADE units are newly manufactured they have a good reputation for reliability and even have a manufacturer warranty to work.  

  • Easy to install
  • Has warranty
  • Data logging
  • Update-able
  • Easy to use
  • Readily available

With the SPADE available and the current issues with cores, DuramaxTuner.com and Calibrated Power no longer offer Pre-Tuned DSP5 ECMs. 

What to do if you already have a Pre-Tuned DSP5 ECM:

You will still have full support.  Just without the option of having us ship replacement ECMs.  This could lead to a little more downtime if any tune adjustments need to be made for your truck.  You can always upgrade to SPADE unit and gain the benefits of this hand held device.  Some year trucks do require some additional challenges though.  For example, the LB7 Pre-Tuned DSP5 ECM is going to have a LOCK on it that can only be removed in person.  So those ECMs have to be shipped back in.  However, once you upgrade to a SPADE everything becomes much simpler.  

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What to do if you were looking for a Pre-Tuned ECM:
Go with the SPADE.  You will get everything you need, and for so many reasons be more prepared for the future.  The SPADE is your best option for flashing DSP5 tunes into your Duramax.  

Most common Questions and Answers about Pre-Tuned ECMs:

  1. How do you change tire size?

    1. With a SPADE, new tunes can be emailed to you. 

    2. With a pre-tuned ECM it will need to be shipped in and updated.  

  2. What happens if the ECM crashes?

    1. You will need to purchase a new ECM, we no longer carry any cores.

    2. Junk yards often have lower prices but no guarantees on the ECM working.

  3. Can pre-tuned ECMs fool the dealer and save my warranty?

    1. No.  The dealer can see a lot of information in your ECM that will indicate issues.  

    2. There is no way to fool the dealer when it comes to computers.

    3. We have only heard about OEMs requiring an ECM screen shot if there is a substantial warranty claim.

At the end of the day, the SPADE is a better option for most truck owners.  Feel free to contact DuramaxTuner.com for further questions or book a meeting with me through the link below. 


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