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Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association

Posted by Paul Wilson on Nov 10, 2016 2:53:49 PM



Ohio Corn & Wheat Partnered with Calibrated Power!


OCW works on behalf of Ohio’s corn and small grain farmers to create opportunities that provide a sustainable future. 

Ohio Corn & Wheat is a strategic alliance that houses two checkoffs and one membership-based organization. 

The Ohio Corn Checkoff and Ohio Small Grains Checkoff work to develop and expand markets, fund research, and provide education about corn and small grains, respectively. 

The Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association is a membership organization advocating for supportive public policy on behalf of its farmer members. 

FREE 3 Year Membership to the OCW Association

We here at Calibrated Power are proud to offer Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association Members 10% off on Tuning!

Members of OCW are will now receive a coupon for 10% Off on Tuning as a part of their membership services. The most popular option is to use this coupon on Custom Tractor Tuning which allows Ohio farmers an immediate way to recoup the cost of a 3 year membership.   Other members will find that Duramax or Cummins tuning will better match their farms needs. Either way, Calibrated Power is here to help! 


Tractor Tuning can offer significant value to any farm. Tractors are able to be up-rated to a higher horsepower while still matching how far the factory has pushed that specific drive line. An 8330 for example, came with 9.0L engine rated at 275 HP, even though an extremely similar drive line is in something like the 8345RT which has 345 HP. Our Power Manager or Power Manager Plus can up rate your Green, Red or Blue Tractor to help you get the job done easier. 



 Custom Tractor Tuning w/ Power Manager

 Once you have an OCW membership, just call us; 815-568-7920 ext 2122 with your membership ID#.  Paul will help you through the entire process. 

FREE 3 Year Membership to the OCW Association


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