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How To: 2.8L Duramax Tune Loading Instructions

Posted by Paul Wilson on Jan 7, 2020 11:19:00 AM



2.8L Duramax Tuning/Spade Instructions


We have streamlined the 2.8L Tuning Process! Tunes are now sent pre-loaded. HOWEVER, TO INSURE YOUR VEHICLE CAN BE PUT BACK TO STOCK YOU MUST READ YOUR STOCK FILES BEFORE FLASH. 

Reading your stock file(s) 

1. Turn the key to the ON position (truck not running).

2. Plug your Spade into the OBD2 port.

3. On your Spade, toggle down to Tuning Tool and press ✔️.

4. Select Read Tune by pressing ✔️.

5.Select your vehicle (E98 for Engine / T43 for Transmission = 2.8L Duramax), press ✔️.

6. Your stock files will take roughly 4-5 minutes to read.

7. Once completed, you will be prompted to turn the key to the off position, do so, and press ✔️.

8. Allow countdown to finish.

9. If you read the ECM (E98), now proceed to read TCM (T43) by starting at step 2.

10. Once finished, both files will be saved onto the device. DO NOT DELETE THEM

 2.8l trail icarus

1. Turn the key to the run position (truck not running).

2. Plug the SPADE into your truck using the OBD cable.

3. Toggle down to Tuning Tool, press ✔️.

4. Toggle to Program Full, press ✔️.

5. Toggle down through the tune files to the tune you’d like to load, press ✔️.

6. The SPADE will check to make sure the ECM/TCM is available for flashing.

7. Your SPADE will ask you “License ECU?”. Press ✔️, and when you are asked “Are you sure?” Press ✔️ again.

9. The SPADE will begin flashing. You will see messages such as “checking, erasing, and flashing” This is normal.

10. Once the flash is complete the SPADE will display “Turn ignition off now”. Turn the key into the off position, and press ✔️.

11. You will see a count down. Once the countdown is complete, you can proceed to flash the other module or can unplug the SPADE and start your vehicle.


Tune Switching with SPADE:
1. Ensure DSP TUNE has been flashed into the truck. (Tune switching feature does not work on single tune files)
2. Plug the SPADE into your truck using the OBD cable.
3. Toggle down to TUNE TOOL.
7. Toggle down to Switch Tunes and press ✔️.
8. Toggle to your desired tune and press ✔️.
9. If you get a Tune Switched Failed, please the operation again.


If you need to retrieve your stock files:**GREAT IDEA FOR SAFE KEEPING***

1. Download and install the most recent version of EFILive at www.efilive.com

2. Plug your Spade unit into your PC

3. Open EFILive Explorer

3. You will notice a green checkmark on the bottom right of the program indicating that your Spade is connected.

4. On the middle left of the program you will see a row of tabs, if it is not on F3: Data Files, click that tab.

5. Beneath the tabs, you will see 4 file folders, click on the folder labeled Read.

6. You will see your E98 and T43 files in this folder, go ahead and put each file onto your desktop for safe keeping and then email the stock files to stockfile@duramaxtuner.com.  Include your name, order number, and VIN number in the email.


FOR UPDATES or customers who did not purchase hardware-->Loading modified tunes onto your Spade:

1. Plug Spade into your PC

2. Open EFILive Explorer

3. Select the F3: Data Files tab

4. Click the Tune folder located beneath the tabs

5. Copy and paste your emailed modified tune into the white field to the right of the Tune folder.

6. Once the progress bar disappears, your tunes will appear. You may now unplug your Spade unit.

The DSP switch can be installed before or after the tune is flashed. If your tunes are loaded before you install your switch the truck defaults to the Optimized Stock tune. Your tunes are in the following positions: 1: Optimized Stock, 2: Tow Tune, 3: Street, 4: Sport. 

DSP4 is not available on 19+ Trucks. 

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