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64MM Vs. 67MM Turbo: 3 Things To Consider Before Making Your Purchase

Posted by Justin Tyson on Jul 1, 2019 10:49:08 AM

We all get there at one point, should I upgrade my turbocharger?  It's something us diesel owners come across.  Maybe your charger blew up or maybe you just want to help cool your truck's EGTs a bit more.  There are a ton of different reasons why we want to upgrade.  With that comes a ton of different variables that go into which turbo you SHOULD buy.  Let's take a look at three big things to consider. 

VVT Stealth 64-1

#1: How Do You Use Your Truck?

You've heard this one before, if you're new to the diesel world maybe you have not.  How do you use your truck?  Do you commute 20 miles to work and back daily?  Do you haul any toys?  Maybe you hotshot as a career, all these are some of the ways a driver uses his diesel truck.  A driver that tows a lot would best be suited for the Stealth 64, why?  It runs more efficiently at higher horsepower numbers while loaded.  The truck will sustain a heavy load for longer because the heat that the turbo is introducing is lower than a stock charger.  Lower piston temps, lower EGTs equals more time and a larger buffer before the truck is affected by the added heat.  

A bigger wheel means less heat, so why not go with a 67MM charger?  Well, yes that is a true point.  And while you can tow well with the 67MM charger, the operating RPM rev range is higher.  This means when operating at the typical 1600 RPM rev range, you may experience surge with the turbo.  Surge is what happens when you are not moving enough mass air flow for the boost number you are at.  Now for the drivers that rarely tow and have bigger future plans for their trucks build, the 67MM is a perfect charger for you.  The widen torque curve and near 1:1 air to boost ratio are optimal for drivers looking to take their horsepower numbers higher and put down a few runs at the drag strip.  


#2: What Are Your Future Goals Of The Truck?

The Stealth 64 pushes the horsepower number your truck is capable of to 650rwhp, that is nothing to snuff at.  If your goal is to simply keep your fuel stock and upgrade your transmission and drop in this turbo you can expect a great truck for its entire life.  A built transmission coupled with the Stealth 64 makes your truck a great tow pig while increasing reliability.  

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 11-05-43 AM

Now if you're looking to build your daily driver to have more fun on weekends at the track and push that stock bottom end, a Stealth 67G2 is perfect for you.  It is capable of 800rwhp, it's got great spool for a larger wheel, and the widen torque curve makes this turbo a dream for builds.  The liquid-cooled center section and 360-degree thrust bearing help make this turbo a beast capable of handling a ton of power while keeping your engine cool.


#3: Do You Plan On Keeping Your Truck A Long Time?

If you're anything like me, the answer is yes.  Especially when the payments on the truck are done.  How does this factor into purchasing a new larger turbo?  It's easy, improved reliability.  With these larger turbos, your EGTs are cooled more efficiently than stock, improving the reliability and longevity of your diesel truck.  Cooler engine means cooler pistons and other parts ensuring your truck continues to stay on the road longer.  This keeps new truck payments away and your wallet fatter.  


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