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2016 2.8L Duramax Tune Loading Instructions

Posted by Paul Wilson on Dec 9, 2016 9:00:00 AM


2.8L Duramax Tune Loading Instructions


The 2.8L Duramax in its factory trim is rated at 180 HP by GM and carries a full compliment of emissions equipment to keep it clean and quiet.  Backing up the new power plant is the 6L50 transmission.  Both the engine and transmission use existing power train control modules which have allowed the team at Duramaxtuner.com to quickly gain access and make improvements.  Over the past several months, we've worked with our customers and on our in-house truck, to develop and test tuning for this platform.  After hundreds of revisions, we're happy to have a product that significantly outperforms GM's calibration in power, driveability and mileage.  


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By working through the engine and transmission calibrations together we significantly widened and raised the factory torque curve, settling on a peak of 460Ft-Lbs which is very near the rated capacity of the transmission.  With the wider torque curve, we're able to shift the truck sooner, and engage torque converter lockup sooner without bogging the truck.  This means less operating RPM and ultimately lower fuel consumption numbers.  Best of all, these calibrations work without any other modifications to the truck, meaning that you still get a quiet, clean, smokeless truck that can be returned to stock at any point.  


Below are the Tune Loading instructions for the DuramaxTuner.com 2016 model 2.8L SPADE.  If you would like help over the phone, feel free to book an appointment with me, and I will be available when you call.

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DO NOT SELECT FORMAT FILE SYSTEM or SELF TEST. If you do it will result in you deleting your tune files.

Please remove your electronic boost fooler, and pressure box if you have one installed on your truck. It will negatively affect your trucks performance with our product.  Also turn off or remove any aftermarket electronics.  These can interrupt the flash process and cause tune loading issues.


1. Turn the key to the run position (truck not running)

2. Plug the SPADE into your truck using the OBD cable

3. Toggle down to Tuning Tool, press ok

4. Toggle to Program Full, press ok

5. Toggle down through the tune files to the tune you’d like to load, press okay

6. The SPADE will check to make sure the ECM is available for flashing.

7. If you receive a code, please refer to the Cummins or Duramax Trouble Code Descriptions and Fixes section located in the instruction manual.

8. The first time you flash the tune your SPADE will ask you “License ECU?”. Press OK, and when you are asked “Are you sure?” Press OK again.

9. The SPADE will now start to flash the tune on your truck. You will see various messages such as “Checking, Erasing, and Flashing” This is normal.

10. Once the flash is complete the SPADE will display “Turn ignition off now”. Turn the key into the off position, and press OK.

11. You will see a count down. Once the countdown is complete you can unplug the SPADE, start your vehicle, and enjoy the tunes.



Tune Switching with SPADE:
1. Install your DSP tune
2. Plug the SPADE into your truck using the OBD cable
3. Toggle down to Scan Tool, press ok
4. Press OK on Select PIDs
5. Toggle to E98 and press OK
6. Press the Prev button until you are back to the Tuning tool and press OK
7. Toggle down to Switch Tunes
8. Toggle to your desired tune and press OK
9. If you get a Tune Switched Failed message reselect your tune


The DSP switch can be installed before or after the tune is flashed.  It is important to test that the truck runs prior to loading the tunes once your switch is installed.  If your truck does not run, please check ECM connections.  If tunes are loaded before you install your switch the truck will default to the Optimized Stock tune.  Your tunes are in the following positions: 1: Optimized Stock, 2: Tow, 3: Sport Econ, 4: Performance.dsp4 switch installed.jpg


If you would like more information about custom EFILive tuning using the 2.8L SPADE by DuramaxTuner.com, simply click the button below and fill out the form on the corresponding page.



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