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How To Go Further Between Regen!

Posted by Justin Tyson on Apr 16, 2018 3:32:48 PM

You use your truck for daily commuting or hauling the family and trailer for a long weekend of camping,  you’re rolling up to your work or that campsite and you notice the LML go into regeneration (regen).  You can’t keep driving as you should because you got a job to do or things to unpack.  You can’t help but wonder what can be done to keep your LML from going into this cycle as often as it does, we’ll get into that in bit, first let’s look a little more at DPF regen. 


The DPF takes essentially 700 miles or 18 hours of drive time to put it to the maximum values of normal calculated mass soot levels, which if you were curious is 44 grams.   Active Regen describes the procedure your truck goes through to burn that accumulated soot.  To do this, fuel is dosed through a 9th injector directly into your exhaust.  Many drivers have noticed a drop in MPG and even potentially a lack of power during regen. 

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A popular theory is that if you go through regen less frequently, your MPGs will go up.  So, how can you go through less regens?

We’ll here’s one thing.  Adding a twin kit to your 2015-2016 LML will help lower soot accumulation as the dual turbos will help your truck work more efficiently and accumulate less soot.  This will help you experience less regen cycles.  It will help you get what you want out of it while keeping your engine safe and reliable, which is something everyone wants.


This does assume that the proper tuning and other supporting mods are matched with your twin turbo kit, but the principal is sound.  By adding massive amounts of air, not just boost, to your combustion mixture reduces the soot output.  Basically, twins (and proper tuning) make your mixture leaner across a wider operating range.  The less soot you build up soot, the less frequently your truck will regen.

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Let's face it, the days of deleting are coming to an end.  Local and state municipalities are cracking down and testing for trucks lacking the factory systems. Hefty fines are levied and many drivers and shops are reeling from the effects.  That coupled with the misnomers presented about deleting your truck and how it will gain horsepower or how it will drastically add fuel economy.  These theories have been proven inaccurate by industry leading aftermarket diesel tuners. 


Outside of helping you accumulate less soot levels and your rig going into cycles less frequently, a twin kit adds another great aspect to your DPF enabled truck.  Reliability, something everyone needs when it comes to their truck.  You put a ton of money at the purchase and after it and you put in a heck of a lot of time ensuring your truck is running optimally.  Why not go farther and add another layer of keeping your truck running at it's peak efficiency and keep it on the road even longer. 


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Another aspect we've yet to touch is performance.  Adding a twin kit on your DPF enabled truck coupled with proper mods, will push your truck past it's factory numbers.  You can see numbers as high as 650 RWHP.  This will get you past your buddies at the drag strip all the while keeping your truck safe.  You get to have fun and you get to know your investment is safe.  That's worth it's weight in gold on trucks as expensive as the newer Duramax or Cummins.  As you can see in the chart below, the twin kit from Duramaxtuner for 2015-2106 is achieving amazing numbers on the dyno.  These twin kits are absolute monsters in every meaning of the word. 



Benefits of a Twin Kit:

  • Zero smoke
  • Perfect for towing
  • Fun to drive
  • Great spool up and torque numbers
  • Longer regen intervals
  • High horsepower capability


Now that you've heard how much of a benefit adding a compound kit to your newer DPF enabled truck can be and you have more questions please click below and one of our Diesel Performance Experts will contact you.  They'll answer any questions you may have and steer you in the right direction with their knowledge. 

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