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Posted by Danny Voss on Aug 18, 2016 3:26:24 PM


 Many people thought making reliable power above the factory specs would never be possible for the LML Duramax due to the emissions equipment. However, Clean Sweep (our Emissions Intact 2012 LML Duramax), has been at 620 RWHP sled pull truck has been taking first place in a lot of Work Stock Class pulls.



Our goal with the project was to respectively lay down some serious, clean and reliable horsepower with all of the emission equipment intact. The "Clean Sweep" has DELIVERED, placing in front of deleted trucks at every pull.


The "Clean Sweep" is set up as follows:
Duramax Tuner Spade with Custom Tunes
Stock fuel injectors
Dual Pumps, Cp3 over the stock Cp4
Tie rod sleeves
Built transmission with Goerend triple disc converter
Traction bars
Bump stops
Pulling hitch
Nitto G2 tires
I will be talking about my personal experiances with this truck and other important factors that play a role in what it takes to be successful with emissions on performance.
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