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Don't Delete Your 2017-2020 L5P Duramax DPF!!!

Posted by Justin Tyson on Aug 26, 2020 10:15:00 AM



Do you need to delete your L5P DPF?

2017 L5P tuner

We've all heard from forums and numerous outlets that deleting your DPF system is the way to go these days. What we never see backing these claims is data and tests. There is plenty of personal stories around a failed sensor or even the occasional DPF failure. However, once data starts fueling the debate on whether to delete or keep your emissions intact you may change your mind of what to do. 


1. The DPF does NOT restrict your horsepower

 Many people think their 2017 - 2020 L5P Duramax needs a bigger intake and bigger exhaust to make power.  While many forums would lead you to believe this, it's simply not factual.  Tuning manipulates every critical command in your engine such as timing, fuel, and boost.  Custom tuning will easily make the same power with factory emissions equipment intact.  

l5p soot load testing final 1.1-1

2. Deleting your DPF will NOT get you better fuel economy

 The common theory on MPGs and Emission Equipment is that since regeneration requires fuel to be sprayed into the exhaust during that cycle the emissions equipment is killing your fuel mileage. This is not the case. We have also tested how much money you save when it comes to deleting and keeping your truck emissions intact, you'd be shocked. The difference is negligible. The cost for a new exhaust, factor in labor or time, and you're already in the hole compared to keeping the truck factory emissions equipped. 

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3. Emissions Equipment is more reliable now then in the past

GM and it's competitors have pushed forward with factory emissions equipment. As we all know, these trucks when first equipped with DPF/EGR/UREA all faced some serious needs for tweaks and repairs. These now truly last forever and do not harm to operation of the truck.  Keep in mind the emissions is like most parts of the truck, it needs to be maintained and that means allowing it to go through a full regeneration cycle once it begins.

552 RWHP L5P Emissions Equipped

4. Legal ramifications

As we all have heard by now, deleting your emissions can be costly. We have heard from many friends of ours in the industry about individual drivers being fined for a lack of emissions equipment. The age of deleting seems to be nearing an end, even in the most rural of areas. Companies are in legal battles and that's just the beginning. Be sure to protect yourself from hefty fines by keeping your truck compliant and in good working condition.

L5P Towing in CornField-1

5. Resale value

Deleting your DPF system may restrict your ability to sell or trade your truck to a dealer. Many customers have called asking to purchase emission systems so they can sell their truck to a dealer. While you may be able to sell it third party for a decent price, it still may be a harder to sell. As we touched on the previous point, many buyers will be reluctant to pull the trigger on a truck that's deleted given the fact they can face a fine for not running the vehicle with factory emissions equipment. Keep your stock DPF and emissions equipment intact and you won't have a problem selling your vehicle. 


There's the facts, it's quite obvious the correct route to go is to keep your emissions equipment.  You save money, you save yourself from possible costly fines from local or state municipalities.  You get a truck that runs the way it's designed to.  With proper maintenance and upkeep you can keep your L5P Duramax  working for years to come.  If you have anymore questions, click the button above, fill out the information, and one of our experts will get back to you. 

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