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3rd Gen Stealth 67 Turbo for 5.9L Cummins

Posted by Justin Tyson on Mar 28, 2019 10:00:19 AM

The newest turbo from Calibrated Power is definitely raising the bar for drop-in turbos.

When looking at replacing your stock turbo there's a lot to take into consideration; How you use your truck, your current needs, and the future goals for your Cummins.  With the success of the Stealth 64 for 5.9L Cummins, the team at Calibrated Power looked at how much more we can push the envelope. So, what can the 3rd Gen Stealth 67 get you?

5 9 cummins turbo (4)


A lot of R&D went into the design of this turbo, we know Cummins' owners have the most accessible and easy to work on truck, so they are more inclined to push the limits on the stock bottom than the competitors.  What is the 5.9L customer looking for? A turbo that can handle more power, maintain great daily driving capabilities, and help manage EGTs while towing. All these aspects were taken into consideration while designing this turbo in-house.


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The 3rd Gen Stealth 67 For 5.9L Cummins:

  • Maintains Close To Stock Spool-Up
  • Capable Of Up To 800 RWHP
  • Great Daily Driver Turbo
  • Fits 2003-2007 5.9L Cummins

How can this turbo help your 5.9L?  The three main factors to consider when looking into purchasing a turbo; Daily driving, towing, and performance.  Let's look into these three factors.

Stealth cummins 351cw 5.9L


1. Performance

When looking at larger turbos, such as the 3rd Gen Stealth 67, performance is a major factor when looking at a larger charger.  This 3rd Gen Stealth 67 is perfect for the customer looking at modifying their truck right now or in the future. The 3rd Gen Stealth 67 is a perfect turbo to grow into.  It's capable of up to 800 RWHP, right near the building your stock bottom end threshold. This turbo also suits the drivers not looking at pushing their trucks to the turbo's limit.  Drivers with a built transmission and stock injectors can expect to see +100 RWHP gain with no tuning adjustment.



 2. Daily Driving

This turbo is one of the quickest spooling charger's we've tested for the 5.9L Cummins.  The most experienced diesel drivers will have a hard time telling the difference between a stock HE351 / HE341 and a 3rd Gen Stealth 67 during light throttle, daily driving.  This is a product of the in-house manufactured tight exhaust housing and light-weight turbine wheel. If your 5.9 is your daily driver, remember that near stock spool is a MUST HAVE.  All in all this charger is for any 5.9L owner that wants more out of their truck while maintaining its reliability.

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3. Towing

More air is always beneficial when it comes to towing.  With most of us 5.9 guys, we bought this truck to haul our campers, boats, and trailers.  This turbo helps manage EGTs for when you're pulling your heavy toys. You need added reliability compared to the stock charger, something the 3rd Gen Stealth 67 delivers easily.  It will give you a turbo that operates efficiently in the RPM range of your truck.

 cummins stealth 64 towing

That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to info on this turbocharger and what it can do for your 5.9L.  If you have any more questions about the 3rd Gen Stealth 67, click the link above and a turbo expert will assist you with any questions you may have!

 GET MORE INFO: 3rd Gen Stealth 67 Turbo



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